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Hello Fellow Garlic Lover!

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Yes, signing up for the Planner puts you on my mailing list - which, of course, I do not share - and which, of course, entitles you to special offers, advance notices on sales, previews of new products, and assorted rambles - er - insights and inspirations.

If you just want the Planner and prefer not to be on the list, simply hit the "Unsubscribe" after you download it - I won't take it personally if you do - but seriously, I hope you stay with us. I confess I am new to the Mail Chimp system and don't know any other way to give people access to the file other than through a whole lot of direct emails. And if you're like me, you'd rather spend more time in the garden and less time at the computer!

When it comes to planting garlic, we understand - it can get complicated. Simple math soon becomes advanced geometry. Do you plant them closer together? wider apart? wider beds? wider pathways? Aaagh! So many options! So many garlics! So little time to get them all in the ground!

We hope our little Planner will simplify the math in your life - not that you couldn't do it on your own - but isn't it handy to be able to look at different scenarios with just a hit on the enter button? Feel free to use it on other garden plans, too.

So, give the Planner a try - if you find it useful, it'd be really awesome if you bought me a cup of coffee by hitting the PayPal Donate button!

Feedback is always welcome! Just write me at

As we always say ... Plant garlic! Plant lots of it!
(One can never have too much!)

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